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The Unseen. Recording Books Entry #4206
Recently we have had a slip up involving the dimensions of the wall and window system in the library. Student by the name of Jennifer became curious of the blinds following a certain leaking through them, caused by the feast earlier that day for the guardian’s payment. The following are excerpts from the student’s personal journal found on her after the events that came after this series of events.
June 20, 2012
Notes about the new school:
cool teachers
windows on walls
with blinds on them?
lots of windows in classrooms

October 24, 2014
Janet hasn’t come to school for a while now. I’ve texted her, but she always says the same thing: Beware the crick. What a psycho. She never gave me back my bandeau, too. Anyways, I noticed this weird thing in the library today? The was some red stuff trickling out of the window blinds next to where I usually sit. I had forgotten about the windows- since they always have the blinds down, they kinda blend into the landscape of the room. It’s probably a prank or something. Whatever.

October 25, 2014
I was in the library again today, and I noticed that there was no more red stuff (blood?) on the blinds. Here’s the REALLY weird thing though- I peeked through the blinds, just curiously, you know? And I saw grass! I was expecting tiled floors! I didn’t touch the window, just backed away. I went and opened the library door, but it was just the same old hallway. Am I going nuts?

October 26, 2014
I’m scared to go back to the library. At the same time I’m really curious.

October 27, 2014
Okay, I’m REALLY curious. But mom used to always say that curiosity killed the cat. I guess that at least the cat was satisfied, right? Wait, cats have nine lives, so that doesn’t even make sense. What?

October 28, 2014
I went to the library again today! The thing is though, I checked the blinds again, and I saw the same green grass! And I kinda put my hand on the window, and here’s where it gets weird: my hand went through the window. I kinda freaked out and pulled it out again, but when I did, there was a key in my hand. An old brass key that was really stinkin’ heavy. I went to the door casually, trying not to look suspicious, and held up the key. A hole opened in the door! Like, whaaat? And so I put the key in it, of course, and turned. And then I opened the door. It was a field of lush green grass! I took the key out of the door and closed it behind me quickly. When I looked behind me, all I saw were the two doors and a small brick wall with a window in it, but no building at all. I went around and waved my hand behind the door, but nothing happened. The window had blinds on them, and on it was some weird dark red graffiti that said ‘Beware the crick.’ Why does that sound so familiar? Anyways, I looked around a lot. The field was really pretty, and it was warm, the sky was blue. This is really weird though, because right now it’s late October and it’s like a grandma’s butt outside. There are some small hills bordering the field. There were lots of flowers too, and I explored a little. There’s a hill a bit aways from the field, and on the other side are a lot of willow trees too, and a river, just like my old house! It felt so nice just to sit by the river and be reminded of my old home. Then I realized that class would be starting soon! I jogged back to the doors, unlocked them and went through them. Just the same as ever, I went into the library. I went over to my stuff, starting to pack up, but when I looked at the clock on the wall, no time had passed! This field place is really interesting. I think I’ll go again tomorrow.

October 29, 2014
I went to the field again today! It’s so nice there. Here there’s almost nowhere as pretty and peaceful as it is by the river. The river seemed a bit smaller today, so I guess I should call it a creek. I sketched some of the flowers I found in my notebook. Everything at school is so stressful at the time, and since I had to study last night, I didn’t get much sleep. So I took a nap! I don’t know for how long I did, but when I went back inside the doors, it was still the same time as when I had gone out of them. This field is showing itself to be very useful!

October 30, 2014
Today in the field it seemed like the sky was a bit darker? There were a few clouds too, which I didn’t notice before. Eh. I’m not that worried. I’ve decided this place must be magical, which is really weird, because mom always told me there was ‘no such thing as magic’, blah, blah, blah. Guess she was wrong! I can’t tell anyone about this place, though. They would say I was crazy. And even if I showed them, they would want this place too. And this place is only going to be mine, I’ve decided. All mine.

October 31, 2014
Hi! This is Jennifer live, coming from the field! Today the forecast is strangely cloudy, darkish skies. I guess magic places have to rain too. Right now I’m walking down along the creek, which has gotten a lot smaller, so I guess I should call it a crick now! I’ve just found some stepping stones going across it, they must have been covered before. There’s a little hill, here, so I’m walking up it, and- What? Past the hill I’ve come to a place with parched grass? This is really weird. I see a group of gross looking trees up ahead, looks like they’re in a circle of some kind. I’m walking up to them- Oh my god! Inside the circle are gravestones!!! I’m counting - seven! There’s a backpack next to each one, and, oh my god! One of them is Janet’s! This is where, OMG, is she dead???? Shit! The oldest gravestone here dates back to 2002! Ohmygod. This is kinda freaking me out. I’m going back to the crick, I’m gonna just - pretend this doesn’t exist! I have no idea what’s going on, am I crazy? I just crossed the crick, I’m getting nervous. I can’t find my bag. What- Oh my god. There’s something- something at the top of the hill, the one that hides the grave place. It’s- really big? It looks like a gigantic mutated spider??? Like the size of dad’s car, and- It’s coming towardsme. Shit. Ican’t move! As, Imwriting my legs wontmove! ANd it’s coming, it's right Here and I’m so scared and its crossing the cricksharparmsandIm UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE


The Unseen. Recording Books Entry #4206 Continued

Clearly this is a major malfunction on the Unseen’s part. The crick monster is the guardian of our many interdimensions, and though it is no problem that it requires humans as payment, as we’ve got plenty of those and the abilities to cover up anything,. However, it does tend to get out of control, as we’ve seen before. Our agreement was one feasting every three years; that means it should have had five victims since we installed it in 2002. However, our agreement included that whenever a student wandered in by accident during a warp in the dimensions, the guardian is to alter their minds and guide them away (as it does to all else, so no one questions the blinds). However, the guardian obviously has little control; every student that wandered into the Elysian Dimension has been ended. Before it was two; now, it is three. Another troubling fact is that the guardian did not bury this student and give it a gravestone as it usually does; it placed it within the doors of the library. Twenty-seven memory wipes were done, but not before the librarian called 911. We were able to make it into a false alarm, however if this happens again, we could be in trouble. Removing the corpse was tricky as well. By saying ‘Beware the crick’ and highjacking the prior victim's cellular device, this is obviously a purposeful action done by the guardian. Our fighters will be sent in, and perhaps we can find a guardian that doesn’t work on such high income. We’ve still got the resume of the Boogy Boy, I belieUNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE UNDECIPHERABLE

BEwaRE ThE cRicK.


ThEY HavE BEComE SusPICioUs. TiME tO FEaSt Is nOW.  

BeWAre thE crICk.
Beware the Crick
Spooky writing prompt! Written around Halloween, based off of a setting exercise in Writing Club. 
it is aftermath of the storm that prolonged
for nine torrential, unrelenting days
and we are walking along this path,
among the destruction of downed branches and trees,
we weave through debris from the sky’s siege;
our feet avoid the snapped limbs.
we arrive to the plummeting slope of the hill,
open to the park we all know
and with the awe of children we see
the two foot-high waters
hung over the unkempt grass.
we remove our shoes like burdens.
our chests are butterflies as
laughter leaves us in flocks,
we slide down the slick steepness,
mud staining our soles
and we wade into the young sea,
pants rolled up high and dresses held aloft
the rain’s harvest glinting like crystal.
the long grass waves like seaweed,
caught between our toes
the softness of the soil
and the squish of it beneath us
brings light to our tired faces,
and we prance and splash and dance
a joyous waltz with each other,
laughter wrapping around us like warmth,
and the tired beings become reborn,
let out of the imprisonment of the angered sky,
and as the sun sets behind the trees,
bleeding itself in slivers across the lake
we are suspended like pillars amid an ocean...
the others slide, satisfied, up the hill
their echoing laughter slowly fading away
until only you and I remain,
standing still in the miracle of the downpour
placed upon this ground,
lit in the paint of the setting sun,
a collision of natural wonders
freeing us of our aching;
given to us not as a fountain,
but as
a flood.
Flood of Youth
I had a dream a while ago about a park that's near where I live.  In the dream the park was flooded from some storm unspoken of, and when you walked into the water you could feel energy returning to you. Thought it would be a good poem prompt
Hi! I haven't posted for a while but I've been going through my stuff lately and found some things to show. Hope you enjoy.
Hi! I haven't posted for a while but I've been going through my stuff lately and found some things to show. Hope you enjoy.


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I'm Ursula. Please don't call me a sea witch. I write mostly poetry, some short stories, and sometimes I draw.

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